National Day of Unplugging

From sundown March 1 to sundown March 2, my family will be observing the National Day of Unplugging. Sabbath Manifesto came up with the idea as an effort to encourage people to unplug from electronic devices and truly connect with one another. While I’m grateful for the ease of staying in touch that social media, telephones, and e-mail provide, I have seen that I can grow too attached to electronic devices. I can easily substitute reading someone’s status update for actually knowing what is going on in their life. My family feels the need to slow down and enjoy the lost art of conversation. We need to remember that friendship is not the same thing as an exchange of information. Who is in?

My Interview on Parenting Reimagined

My friend Sherry Walling interviewed me recently for her podcast, Parenting Reimagined. She wanted to know about my experiences as an adoptive parent and as an at-home dad,  as well as how the experience of parenting is shaping me and my faith. Sherry asks thought-provoking questions and edits really well to make me come across coherent and articulate. You can listen to the interview at the show’s site. The interview is titled, “Grace, redemption…. and Snot.” I’m honored to be a part of this endeavor. I really enjoyed Sherry’s first interview with her mother.