We’re Adopting (a Human Child)

This announcement is a few months in the making: we are going to adopt! We chose an agency, jumped through all the background checks and legal hoops, and are now available to adopt a baby.

Our agency (Independent Adoption Center) facilitates open adoptions in which we will meet and have ongoing contact with our child’s birthparents. We also need your help. If you know anyone who has an unwanted pregnancy, please give them our contact information and we will put them in communication with our agency, which offers great counseling.

Our e-mail is careyandtyler(at)gmail.com. We have a toll-free number: 800.890.0341. We also have a profile with our agency where birthparents can learn more about us.

Actually, this announcement is several years in the making. Carey and I have always wanted to adopt since adoption has played a huge and wonderful role in our families’ stories. We are thankful that God has made it possible for us to bring a child into our family.

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